Vendor Engineering
Vendor Engineering AB
Second hand equipment
Vendor Scandianvian

We are a Scandinavian based company

providing industrial machines
and services worldwide

Pressure meter

Vendor Engineering have been providing the pulp and paper industry with equipment and services since 1982.

Vendor Engineering is a link between seller and buyer and our goal is to give our customers complete services in respect of finding suitable equipment and provide technical support.

Offered second hand equipment normally origin from Scandinavia where it has been well maintained and therefore limit buyers investment costs.

We provide second hand equipment for Pulp-, Paper-, Forest industry
Scandinavia is the primary sourse of equipment
Engineering and consulting available for all product areas
Quick and reliable access
Up-to-date worldwide network with information on second hand equipment that is available
Reconditioning done by well-known workshops troughout Scandinavia
Assistance with start-ups
Representing manufactures known worldwide