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Paper mill & pulp mill

Winder Jagenberg Vari-Dur 51-15A,

Paper mill
(rebuilt 91-96)
Product ID:
Rebuild in 1987: BELOIT Autotrim 5 Knife Section; 12 Knifes
Minimum roll width 150 mm

Rebuild in 1991: ABB E-Motors rewinder (500 V drive system)

Rebuild in 1991: FLENDER Gearbox (ratio 2:1) at unwinder for rolldiameter increase and 50% speed reduction
With this rebuild the diameter of the PM-roll at the unwind was increased from appr. 2.15 m to 2.60 m. We added an additional gearbox (ratio 2:1) between the generator at the unwind and the PM-roll in order to be able to increase (double) the torque without replacing the generator and drive system. The motors of the drums were replaced.

Rebuild in 1996: Webclamp at unwind

Width of drums: 5.148 mm
Width of guiderolls knife section: 5.008 mm
Maximum webwidth: 4.900 mm
Maximum trimmed width: 4.800 mm

Papergrades: WFC and MC Fine Papers
Grammage: 80 – 170 gr/m2
Maximum roll diameter: 1.525 mm (mechanical limitation)
Original max. speed: 1800 m/min
Max.speed after rebuild 1991: 900 m/min
Max. diameter unwind: 2600 mm
Max. rollweight unwind: 30.000 Kg

Details can be taken from the attached drawings and pictures.

Min width on exit reel: 150 mm
Max diameter on exit reel: 1.525 mm (mechanical limitation)

Winder Jagenberg Vari-Dur 51-15A